What to Expect

When you arrive at Klein Physical Therapy, you will immediately feel as though you are entering a warm, wholistic environment, instead of a doctor's office.  Lea will get some information regarding your history and condition, and then Lea will uniquely assess you for range of motion, posture, strength, and movement analysis, as well as the quality of your joints and soft tissues.  She will then explain what she feels needs to be addressed along with a course of action.  You will leave the first day with tools you can use immediately and also likely already feeling better from treatment starting the very first day.  You will be an active participant in determining goals and a future plan of care.

If you are being evaluated for pelvic floor dysfunction, you will also likely have an internal pelvic floor evaluation in addition to the items listed above.  An internal assessment is the gold standard for accurately determining what your muscle tone is like, as well as how coordinated your pelvic floor is.  While this is the most accurate way to assess this area, it is not a "have to" method and you can always voice your preference for an external evaluation if you are not comfortable.